Bridging the gap between speaker and audience.


About SpeakUpp


SpeakUpp is a platform for events involving crowds of any size.   We replace the standard wireless microphone.  To do this we use the average smartphone as a microphone to enable greater engagement between a speaker and audience members.
We enable greater engagement and audience interaction at conferences, in lectures and corporate meetings.


Key Features



Ask text questions.


Turn your smartphone into a wireless microphone.  
Be heard in large rooms, SpeakUpp and have your voice heard.

Live Polling

Create live polls.


Why use SpeakUpp

At SpeakUpp we believe the value of Q&A sessions has been lost.
The top down approach of imparting information is ineffective for the attendee, the speaker and organiser.

Benefits for the Attendee

Want to have your voice heard? Want your question to be answered?
It is time for attendees to influence the flow of a presentation. Rather than the traditional top down approach presentations usually follow, SpeakUpp allows multiple perspectives to be addressed.

Benefits for a Conference Organiser

If an event does not facilitate efficient and barrier free communication, then the event experience is negatively affected. And increasingly, organisers are looking for ways to make their events more and more interactive. Attendees will be walking away from your event informed and enthused by their experience.

Benefits for a Speaker

Speakers can utilise SpeakUpp to enhance their presentation and ensure attendees gain as much from the presentation as possible.

Meet the Team

Liam Farrelly

Liam Farrelly

Liam is in his final year of Computer Science and Business at Trinity College Dublin. Liam is a passionate developer who naturally became CTO and enjoys the challenge of learning something new. Liam has a keen interest in sports, video games and his dogs, Winnie & Herb.

Liam Quigley

Liam Quigley

Liam is in his final year of Computer Science and Business at Trinity College Dublin. Liam had the idea for SpeakUpp during a lecture theatre in Trinity. Liam saw that the current solution of roving microphones was inefficient and began to solve this issue. During his spare time Liam loves hiking.

Eoin Gannon

Eoin Gannon

Eoin is in his final year of Computer Science and Business at Trinity College Dublin. Eoin's sociable nature, determination and drive has acted as the engine for SpeakUpp engaging with key partners and stakeholders. In his spare time Eoin enjoys long walks and photography.



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